You despise waking up to go and working like a zombie day after day, year after year. When it happens to Atlanta Software Engineer Sunara Hart, she finds herself feeling lost and without any real purpose in life. Bordering on the edge of depression, Sunara decides to look deep inside for strength and to an old friend now life coach for guidance. This allows her to start asking tough questions about her career, life, and explore the possibility of leaving her job behind to find her passion. Sunara’s journey to grow from employee to entrepreneur is very challenging, reveals the depth of her character, and shows she has more potential than she ever imagined.
  • An Inspirational Story About A Woman's Journey To Find her Passion
  • A Story Based On Real Life Experiences Showing Ways To Evolve From Employee to Entrepreneur
  • Chapters Where Eliah Offers Insightful Solutions On How To Pursue Your Passion While Having a Full Time Job
  • GIFT #1: Free Video Covering "How To Find Your Passion"
  • GIFT #2: & Free Video Covering "How To Move Past Fear"
  • The Let God Out Action Guide - A 45 Day Action Guide To Launch You On To Being Able To Live Your Dreams

Let God Out" is the first book I've read that gives a comprehensive plan on transitioning from a 9 to 5 to Entrepreneurship.

I've read many books on finance, retirement, career planning and how to land your dream job. But not one book ever gave great practical or even magical tips on how to break free from a 9 to 5. With the exception of Robert Kiyosaki who does a good job of advising one of getting rid of a job to pursue a greater dream. But even his books only focus on a narrow way of doing things. Let God Out is a testament to my own life and how I know for a fact it is more than possible.  

Sunara's story was beautifully written and executed perfectly, getting straight to the point. While making her journey relatable and realistic. What brought the book home for me was turning our big scary FEAR into "Finding Every Available Resource". The only thing that paralyzes us from pursuing our dreams is the invention of FEAR. But Eliah Wells took us up another frequency in helping us abolish our fears once and for all with the releasing of "Let God Out". I personally believe this book will not only change your mindset in aiding you to accept your greatness. But freeing you from fear on all levels so you're totally free to LET GOD OUT and live the life of your DREAMS! - Tiffani Messenger

I read it in one sitting, and already filled out my action guide!!! I'm so ready!

This book was just what I needed to kick my butt into gear towards really following my passions. Not only was it a short read, but it was a powerful and activating read towards helping me realize what I knew all along in my heart. 

I'd been struggling for a while trying to really figure out what my passions were, and reading Sunnara's story made it so obvious to me. It was like seeing myself in plain sight. Her story was captivating, uplifting, and totally transforming. I related to her journey and I loved the life and biz lessons at the end. A very effective and actionable book that will have you ready to end procrastination and leap into your dreams at once.

Thanks Eliah!

- Rachael Alexander
Eliah Wells and his track record of serial entrepreneurship was ignited by the success of his father, also a business owner. At the age of 19, Eliah had a spiritual awakening showing him how entrepreneurship and spirituality can work hand in hand. After working corporate gigs and founding his own startups in the tech and financial service industries, he’s gained experience from both sides of the fence. Using his own flavor of personal anecdotes, spiritual insights, and solid advice, Eliah coaches others looking to make the leap from employee 
to entrepreneur.
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